Hengen aurinko

by Aavepyörä

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Oldschool trance, analog synths and effects, self made acoustic instruments and field recordings. Organic self-grown food and priceless treasures from the trash bins of a featureless mall. Dark winter nights spent in my cozy studio with the sun catching me up still in the morning honing everything to shimmering perfection. The endless wonders of nature, friendship and love, the allure of new places and winds from distant countries. That time you thought you lost a precious thing, but ended up finding something better than anything a sane person would even dare to dream of. Gossamer fairy-threads of the memories of summers past, and the hidden places in the forests where unforgotten things go by their lifes with no opinion at all about us. The 80s, the 90s, the 00s. The good, the bad, the funky and the not.

Of all this, and more, I have woven together the fabric of this album for your enjoyment.

The seams might show and the fabric is not that synthetic perfect haute couture smooth you saw at the gala last night, and this never will be your favourite shirt. But it will be the warm friendly one that you keep coming back to time time after time when the world feels just a bit too much to bear, and you need something to reassure you that magic and fantastic things do still exist.

So let the sun of your soul shine bright and burn away the fear of being just your simple self, nurturing softly the garden of your dreams and showing the light on the ways that go through dark places. Go higher, go further and go without hesitation to places you never thought possible, love a lot and then some more !!

A million thanks to Yana Naumova (yanadhyana@gmail.com) for the amazing cover painting. Typography, layout and some colourwork by me and myself.


released May 25, 2015




Aavepyörä Finland

Aavepyörä has it´s roots in the end of the 90s when we were a group friend releasing music together with an anything goes- attitude. Since 2002 it´s been just me, Kim, and the sound became heavily goa infuenced. Despite the obvious trance form of composition, I am actually mostly inspired by old folk rock, vintage synth music, Commodore 64 SID music, italo, electro and such various genres. ... more

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